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Top 10 Pest Prevention Tips for Your Home

Top 10 Pest Prevention Tips for Your Home 700 525 Dewey Pest Control


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Simple habits will keep pest outside and away from your family. Insects and rodents are attracted to food and water. Here are some general tips for putting a lid on pests:

  1. A tight, waterproof, smooth surface is easier to clean and keep clean.
  2. Eliminate cracks and pores that could offer insects shelter or access.
  3. Make all food handling and storage areas accessible to routine cleaning.
  4. Seal cabinets and kitchen equipment to the wall or floor, or have at least six inches of clearance to allow adequate cleaning.
  5. Kitchen equipment one to two inches off the floor or ¼ inch from the wall, is very difficult to keep clean and is usually an attractive site for cockroaches and other pests.
  6. Make sure that all doors and windows are tight fitting and that screens are provided on all windows and doors that can be opened.
  7. Screened doors should open to the outside.
  8. Take the nature of the surroundings into account.
  9. Remember, mice can enter openings less than ¼ inch, and rats can enter openings less than ½ inch in diameter.
  10. Remove waste food or garbage to proper storage or disposal sites at least daily or more.

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