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Bee and Wasp Control

There’s no denying that bees and wasps alike can be spotted everywhere you go. While pollination is necessary, there’s no reason for bees or wasps to find their way into your home. When you need the best bee and wasp control and removal in California, look no further than to Dewey Pest Control.

At Dewey Pest Control, we provide quality treatments to help eliminate your bee and wasp problem once and for all. It doesn’t matter if you need bee and wasp control for your residential or commercial space, we’ve got you covered. Get rid of wasps and bees in your California home or business by giving us a call or contacting our team today!

What Dangers Do Bees and Wasps Present?

Bees and wasps are not only stinging insects but can also cause great alarm to those inside your home. If you or a loved one are allergic to bees or wasps, they can be especially dangerous.


Bees might be the world’s most well-known pollinators but they also can prove to be a nuisance. In their pursuit of pollen, they can come to invade and build their hive in your yard or even in your home. Finding a beehive in your home can be especially concerning for those allergic to bees.


Unlike bees, which only sting when extremely provoked, wasps can sting numerous times and randomly. Wasps’ aggressive, invasive nature makes it all the more startling when you spot them around your home. Some common places where wasp nests can be found include in your home’s siding, near windows, or in garages.

Do I Need Bee and Wasp Control?

An infestation of bees or wasps can come when you least expect it. Regardless of where on your property your infestation is, it can be a difficult and extremely dangerous task to eliminate your bee or wasp problem yourself. In addition, if you leave your bee or wasp problem to linger, you’ll only see your infestation worsen over a short period.

Signs of a Bee or Wasp Infestation

One major sign of either a wasp or a bee infestation is simply spotting the nest or hive anywhere near your home or yard. A wasp nest is typically oblong, grayish-brown in color, and typically hangs near your roof or in a tree. Many people describe wasp nests as paper balloons. Most bee nests and hives are found in tree hollows or other burrows and feature a honeycomb pattern.

Another key sign of a bee infestation is frequently spotting bees. If one bee or wasp is constantly in view in your yard or home, then there’s most likely a hive or other source nearby.

Get Rid of Your Bee and Wasp Infestation with Dewey Pest Control

Don’t let bees and wasps invade your home or ruin a nice dinner on the patio. Instead, turn to Dewey for the best bee and wasp control available. Whether you’re dealing with a hive of honeybees or a case of yellowjackets, we’re more than happy to help. For more pest control information, check out our FAQ page. Ready to get started? Contact us online to kick bees and wasps out of your California property for good!

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