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Even though pollination is necessary, that doesn’t mean your home should be taken over by a bee colony. After all, nothing can ruin a great dinner out on the patio or a relaxing time sunbathing like being bothered by bees. Thankfully, the solution you need for bee removal is right around the corner.

At Dewey Pest and Termite Control, we offer premier bee control services in California. Since 1929, we have provided quality and effective treatments to help eliminate bee problems, big and small. Whether you need residential pest control or commercial pest control, we’ll be there to help! Call our team to request our California bee control services today!

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What Dangers Do Bees Present?

While bees are the world’s most famous pollinators, they can also prove to be quite a nuisance. As they pursue pollen within your garden, you run the risk of getting stung if the bees are provoked enough. On top of that, finding a strong bee presence or even a hive around your property can be especially concerning for those with an allergy. Even though they aren’t as aggressive as other pests like wasps, it’s best to remove a bee infestation as soon as possible

Signs of a Bee Infestation

The question to ask is how you can properly identify a bee infestation. To properly identify a bee infestation in your home or business, it’s important to be on the lookout for the key signs and indicators of any issues. The most prevalent signs are the increased presence of bees around your home and yard and spotting the hive itself. Most bee nests and hives are found in tree hollows, burrows, and wall voids. Bee nests and hives can be indicated by their honeycomb pattern.

How To Prevent Bees in Your Home

Want to take action in keeping your bee problems to as much of a minimum as possible? There are several best practices you can adopt around your residential and commercial property. These preventive practices include keeping food sealed and away, utilizing essential oils, and sealing up wall voids where hives can be formed. While these practices can help, they are not a substitution for professional services and are not a surefire solution you can solely rely on.

Do I Need Bee Control?

In order to yield the best results in bee removal, you’ll need to turn to professional pest control services through Dewey Pest and Termite Control. When you call on our help, you can count on our top-tier technicians to get down to the root of your bee problem and devise the right solution for your specific infestation.


To learn more about how our bee control can help you, take a look through our FAQ page now!

Get the Best Bee Control Services with Dewey Pest and Termite Control

When it comes to bee control in California, nobody does it better than Dewey Pest and Termite Control. Instead of having a bee infestation take over your yard, our technicians will come around to your home or business, inspect your property, and apply preventive treatments to kick the bee problem out of your space. To get started, find your nearest Dewey Pest and Termite Control service branch or contact us online today!


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