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  • Pest Control—From ants, bees and fleas to spiders, roaches, bedbugs, beetles, ticks & more. Even gophers, mice and rats
  • Termite Control—They eat 24/7!


  • Food Service Industry – restaurants & food processing plants
  • Schools & Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Government Buildings


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Need pest control in Santa Monica? We offer pest control in Santa Monica and 32 more California locations. Need commercial pest control? Dewey proudly services local businesses as well. No matter your structure, Dewey can help.

Areas we provide California pest control services in include:

  • Wilshire Montana
  • Westdale
  • Oakwood
  • Ocean Park
  • Malibu
  • Los Angeles
  • Venice
  • Westwood
  • Marina Del Rey
  • Brentwood
  • Pacific Palisades
  • Bel Air
  • And more!
Dewey offers a wide range of services for termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, and more. With our professional Santa Monica pest control services, you’ll be able to make yourself at home again without the stress of unwanted pests. Some of the pests we treat for include:
We all know termites for their destructive behavior, causing damage to any property they infest. Effective termite control is essential to the protection of your Santa Monica home, that’s why termite control from Dewey Pest Control is here to help! At Dewey, we provide termite control services with treatments tailored to your specific pest problem. We promise to find, treat, and eliminate the termites that have taken over your home in Santa Monica so you can spend more time enjoying Santa Monica Pier and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Santa Monica is an incredibly popular tourist destination, and for good reason: there are countless attractions and beautiful scenery around every corner. However, while the flights from Los Angeles International Airport bring eager guests to local hotels, a case of bed bugs can ruin tourists’ trips for good. Get professional bed bug control in Santa Monica from Dewey and ensure every visit is a great one.

Cockroach control in Santa Monica is crucial to the upkeep of a pest-free living space. With the humidity and warmth of our beautiful city comes the common presence of these unwanted guests. Cockroaches are drawn to dark and humid areas, like kitchen or bathroom sinks, drains, and other areas. With cockroach extermination from Dewey Pest Control, you receive target treatments to ensure the health and well-being of your home. We’re proud to offer cockroach control and other services for apartments near the University of California, Los Angeles.
Successful ant control hinges on the correct identification of the particular ant species that has invaded your space. Our expert technicians hold knowledge of the specific types of ants commonly found in Santa Monica and its surrounding areas. This expertise enables us to use tailored ant elimination methods within your home and outdoor spaces. We can pinpoint entryways, locate the ant colonies, and recommend preventive measures to keep ants at bay once they have been effectively removed.
Dewey’s comprehensive and efficient fleatick, and mosquito control treatments are designed to safeguard you and your loved ones from uncomfortable bites and potential health risks. Our focused outdoor treatments effectively eliminate these obnoxious pests before they infiltrate your space. For any pests already indoors, we use pet-friendly pest control services to create a secure and pest-free environment for you and your family members.
Rodent control in Santa Monica is essential to protect your home and health. Whether you’re dealing with rats, mice, or other rodents, it’s crucial to address the issue sooner rather than later. At Dewey, we offer preventive rodent control services to safeguard your property from damage and prevent the spread of diseases. Along with our preventive treatments, we provide tailored solutions to eliminate any rodents that have already found their way into your home. Our effective rodent control solutions are key to ensuring a rodent-free and healthy living environment in this coastal city.
Dewey’s commercial pest control solutions offer the same high-quality treatments used in Santa Monica residences, tailored to suit the needs of businesses of all kinds. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation with substantial office space, our skilled technicians are prepared to deliver effective solutions that match your specific pest-related needs.
Hanging on to some lingering questions about common pests in Santa Monica, CA? Check out our FAQ Page and our full list of the services we provide. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Bel Air Estates, Beverly Glen, Brentwood, Castellammare, Century City, Cheviot Hills, Fernwood, Holmby Hills–West Side, Los Angeles, Malibu, Mar Vista, Marina Del Rey, Ocean Park, Pacific Palisades, Palms, Rancho Park, Santa Monica, Topanga, Venice, West Los Angeles, Westwood

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