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Consuming wood in mass, termites are among the most destructive pests in the world. With them being often hidden, an infestation can come out of nowhere and cause a great deal of structural damage to your property. Thankfully, the termite removal and prevention solutions are just around the corner.

With Dewey Pest and Termite Control, expect nothing less than California’s best termite control services. Our expert technicians are well-equipped with the tools and knowledge to handle your termite issues properly. With residential pest control and commercial pest control solutions, we’ll help remove and prevent termites from coming into your home or business.

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What Dangers Do Termites Present?

The danger from termites is what they can do to your residential and commercial space. Since they feed on wood, an infestation can create structural damage due to eating away at your property’s wooden frame. This is why termites are so dangerous and should be eliminated as soon as possible.

Signs of a Termite Infestation

While termites are often hidden out of sight, there are a few clues they can leave behind that can that let you know that they are there. Some common signs of a termite infestation include mud tubes leading to your foundation, wood damage, droppings, and discarded wings. Start taking action immediately if you notice any of these signs appearing in your home or business.

How to Prevent Termites

You can adopt several preventive measures to better your chances of avoiding a termite infestation altogether. Common termite prevention practices include fixing leaks immediately, not placing wood near your foundation, and keeping your vents free from blockage.

However, due to their size and how out of sight they are, these preventive measures can only help so much. Thankfully, there is an absolute solution available.

Do I Need Termite Control?

Through the professional pest control services at Dewey Pest and Termite Control, you can expect more than a simple spray for termite removal. Instead, you can expect a top-tier team of technicians equipped with advanced equipment to inspect your property, determine the extent of your termite problem, and develop a specialized treatment plan to yield the best long-term results.

Learn more about how our termite control services can benefit you through our FAQ page now.

Get the Best Termite Control with Dewey Pest and Termite Control

Since 1929, Dewey Pest and Termite Control has been the number one stop for termite control. With service branches across California, we’re in your area and ready to handle termite problems of all sizes. Our technicians won’t rest until your termite issues are a thing of the past. Request our California termite control services by contacting our team online today!

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