Termites could be eating up your Life Savings!

Rotted wood

Chances are they’ve already started. Over 50% of all homes have termites of some variety and most likely your home is a big part of your savings. If a termite infestation is caught during the early stages, both termite control and structural damage repair costs can be minimized.

Termites eat dead trees and bushes, devouring the wood and re-depositing it into the ground. When this cellulose material is removed and houses are built, the termites keep right on eating. But, now they’re eating the cellulose found in the wood in your house.

Termites are one of the many hazards that endanger your house. These pests share one common goal: to survive by eating the wood in your house.

Termite infestation is not easily recognizable. Termites have been known to repair exterior wood damage so that they won’t be discovered hollowing out the interior of a beam!

Termites are the enemies of your house that are within and below. Defeating this enemy starts with a skilled, professional termite inspection from Dewey Pest Control.

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