Control the Ouch!


Mosquitoes Control the Ouch!

Let’s say you are outside playing with your love one’s, suddenly Ouch! You feel a small sting on your arm. You look down at your leg and you notice not 1 but 2 mosquitoes getting ready to make you repeat Ouch! Again.

Tips on fighting back those pesky insects

When eggs are wet and the temperature is correct, mosquito larvae emerge.

  1. Remove all standing water. Such as neglected pools, buckets, miscellaneous containers, puddles, and ponds. Eggs can hatch and develop into biting adults in four to seven days.
  1. Wear mosquito repellent and protective clothing when outdoors while mosquitoes are active (especially around dawn and dusk).
  1. Ensure doors and windows are properly screened.
  1. Regularly inspect property to identify and remove sources of standing water

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