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What Our Customers Are Saying

Our reputation us utmost of importance to us. Below are a couple of Dewey Pest reviews from our Google and Yelp pages and we would like to share these with you! What is your opion or experience with Dewey Pest? Your option counts and we are listening to everything that you share. Click here to write us a review on Google or Yelp!

Dewey Pest Control Yelp Reviews

These guys are great.  Had a bee problem and the hive was behind a locked gate.  We couldn’t find the key so the guy crawled through a tiny opening to get to the hive.  He used smoke and sprays and went straight into the problem with no fear.  There were literally bees everywhere!  He said he would come back tomorrow and make sure the hive was taken care of properly.  I’m a satisfied customer.

My family and I and I have been customers of Dewey’s for 25 years. We’ve had this consistent bee problem on our property. In my frustration I called Dewey and talk the new I repeat new Manager  (josh ). And instead of placating me he went into action. During my phone call. I explained that I was irritated that in 25 years that this bees have not gone away after repeated treatments.  He sent Andrew and his supervisor (I’m sorry don’t now how to spell his name) to my house within 24 hours. They listen and respected my opinion and took care of many other small issues. Bottom line I contemplated changing services to another pest control company  However I’m glad I didn’t I’m glad I stayed with Dewey  and there new regime.   “you catch more bees with honey than piss and vinegar ”   Thank you thank you josh Andrew and his supervisor. All three of you showed me that loyalty is honored at your even though big  family run business. Thank you you for treating me like a loyal customer and not a pest. Ha. – David

Mr Boyd,
First off I’m giving you guys 5 stars on yelp!!! Mr. Bell is an excellent technician and made me feel very comfortable and has taken great care of our pest control needs. Looks like he was training a guy and boy oh boy did he do an excellent job especially in this heat. He has great customer service skills. Being a manager in retail myself I recommend to move him up. Your receptionist Irma is also on top of her game unlike most customer service/ receptionist people. We will continue to do business with you because of your team!!!!
Best Regards,

Dewey Pest Control Google Reviews

We’ve used Dewey Pest control for several years and they’ve done a great job for us. We have a multi level facility and anytime we’ve had problems they’ve come and addressed them for us. Our regular guy is professional and answers any questions that we might have. I recommend them.

Mark is my technician. The customer service we have experienced due to Mark is A+, top notch, 10/10! Yes, the spiders and webs and pinchers bugs are gone. That’s really I’d expect from a pest control service. But Mark gives so much more. He takes the time to talk, he’s polite, clean, friendly, and (most importantly) he is a good guy who I feel safe having around my house. I can’t say enough about the over-the-top fantastic customer service I receive from this company! Thank you 🙂


Professionals. That’s the key word here. Spencer answered all my questions, and I had alot. The technician that came out to my residence, Abie A., was awesome. I threw another barrage of questions at him and he answered every one with courtesy and knowledge. I had a ant problem, HAD being the operative word. My ant problem went away in less that 24 hours. I am really happy I went with this professional, courteous, fast and efficient company. As long as I stick with the great people at Dewey, I will never have another ant problem again. Thanks Dewey Pest Control.

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