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Meet the Pest Professionals at Dewey Pest Control

Founded in 1929, Dewey Pest Control has served communities in California for nearly a century. Ray Dewey started our company as a one-man show and slowly built a team that lead to hundreds of pest control professional that today make up the largest family-owned pest control business in California. Ownership was passed on to Steven R. Dewey in 1977 and has now moved into the 3rd & 4th generations. We are proud to provide California residents and businesses with high-quality pest control solutions for nearly 100 years.

Sustainable Pest Control Solutions

Being a family-owned business ourselves, we understand the importance of maintaining a safe, pest-free living environment. Our team of pest control experts has nearly 100 years of experience and the tools to quickly identify and treat various types of pest infestation.

When you’re dealing with pest infestation, Dewey Pest Control is here to help. We offer both residential and commercial pest control services and can treat a wide variety of pests from ants to rodents. Our Integrated Pest Management program allows us to effectively remove pests from your property while using environmentally safe products. From the initial inspection to preventive treatment plans, you can rely on us to keep your home pest-free.

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Don’t deal with pest infestation alone, let the pest control professionals at Dewey Pest Control handle it. Attempting to treat pests without professional help is usually not effective in the long term and can be costly. Our team is trained on how to properly exclude or remove pests from your home, preventing any risks. We proudly serve 33 markets in California, with locations throughout Northern to Southern California. Find a Dewey Pest Control location nearest you to schedule your service or get a free quote!

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