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Known for being one of the largest economies in the world, California is a hotspot for both startup and established businesses. Ants are a persistent yet common problem that a multitude of California business owners struggle to control. As customers line up for your products and services, so will these pesky creatures who are eager to use your commercial space as a base for their colony. 

One critical part of running a successful business, regardless of what industry you’re in, is to keep a clean commercial space free of pests, including ants. In this blog, our team at Dewey Pest Control will offer you quality ant control tips to help you prevent and stop an infestation from happening in your California business.  

Why Prevent Ant Infestation in My California Business? 

Among the first questions you might ask is why you should care about an ant infestation in your California business. As one of the most common pests in both California and the United States in general, ants bring an abundance of health risks and concerns to business owners, employees, and customers alike. 

The vast majority of ant species have the ability to contaminate food and leave an unclean atmosphere and reputation for your business. However, there are a few species of ant that can actively bite and harm humans. The most common species of these biting ants are fire ants, including varieties you should watch for such as southern fire ants, red imported fire ants, and black imported fire ants.

With it being difficult to tell harmful species from the mostly harmless ants with the naked eye, it’s a common reaction to treat all ants as if they have the ability to bite. This is why it’s best to eliminate your ant problem or infestation from your California business before it’s too late. 


How to Get Rid of Ants From Your California Business

Once you recognize the importance of preventing an ant infestation in your California business, the next question comes to how you can get rid of ants. Thankfully, there are several ant control methods you can use right now to keep the odds of an ant infestation at a low. General tips that you and your company can use to keep ants from coming in and infesting your California business include: 

  • Clean up any food crumbs, spills, or remnants
  • Keep food sealed in tight containers
  • Fix any water leaks to prevent moisture build-up
  • Move lumber and additional debris to avoid potential nesting
  • Empty trash cans regularly

While these tips help all kinds of businesses better control and prevent any ant problems, there are certain types of businesses, specifically those that deal heavily with food, who should take extra precautions when it comes to keeping ants out of their commercial space. Here are precautions for those food-based industries: 

Ant Control Tips for Restaurants in California

When it comes to keeping ants from coming into your California restaurants, there are several precautions you should follow in the kitchen and beyond. First, reinforce your cleaning policies and procedures with every single employee. It doesn’t matter if they are the sous chef, servers, or the janitors. Everyone must follow sanitary guidelines to keep a clean space. 

In addition, wipe up any standing water sources that you see. Ants are attracted to moisture as they are to sweet foods, so it’s best to eliminate any possible sources. 

Ant Control Tips for Grocery Stores in California

Similar to restaurants, it’s best for grocery stores to reiterate to their employees the proper cleaning procedures and policies. From washing hands to cleaning any spills on the floors, make sure cleanliness is always a top priority. 

Grocery stores, unlike restaurants, store the products out in the open where ants can easily find them. When you’re in this situation, it is best to ensure there are no open boxes or packages both in the storefront or in your back inventory. Just like with any other business, you should aim to eliminate any potential sources of contamination and attraction for ants. It just takes a different approach for grocery stores. 

A professional treating for pests

Professional Ant Prevention for Business in California 

Handling your ant problem on your own, especially in a large commercial space, can be both a dangerous and inefficient task to undertake. Although DIY methods do exist, nothing beats the effectiveness and efficiency of professional ant prevention and control for your California business. If you’re in search of the best ant control company for your California business, then Dewey Pest Control can help make your search short. 

Get the Best Ant Control for Your California Business With Dewey

For the best ant control company for your California business, look no further than Dewey Pest Control. With commercial services on a wide range of pests, including ants, we’re the most well-equipped and experienced team of exterminators in all of California. 

To get more information about what we do, browse through our FAQ page. Ready to get started? Request our California pest control services at your nearest Dewey service branch or contact us online to get started today!

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