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Among the fixtures of California is San Jose, a technological cornerstone that many homeowners and businesses call homeIn addition to a wide selection of attractions and destinations including the Municipal Rose Garden, Alum Rock Park, and more, San Jose is filled to the brim with possibilities. Yet one possibility you don’t want to come to fruition is a termite infestation in your home and business.

Thankfully, the perfect solution is right around the corner at Dewey Pest and Termite Control. With quality termite control services in San Jose, CA, our technicians utilize green and effective products to kick your termite problem to the curb. Having handled pest problems in California for over 95 years, we’ve come to know a thing or two about handling termite problems small and large.

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Identifying a Termite Infestation in San Jose, CA

Able to consume mass amounts of wood in your home or business, termites pose a great threat to the integrity of your property. What makes it worse is that they’re commonly out of sight and aren’t immediately noticed by occupants. Since they can cause such great damage to your property, you must take the right steps in their removal. However, it’s best not to take those steps on your own.

Even with their ability to be out of sight, their presence can be detected through a series of signs found across your property. Among the most common termite signs include wood and dry wood damage, discoloration in dry wood, and pinpoint holes in wooded areas in your home or business. Take the proper next steps in termite removal and prevention if any of the previously mentioned are found on your property.

How Do I Get Rid of Termites in San Jose, CA?

Whether you need termite control in your residential or commercial property, our team at Dewey Pest and Termite Control will be there to help! Utilizing an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, our team of technicians will thoroughly inspect and diagnose your termite problem and decide on a specially tailored treatment to to handle your infestation and any further issues.

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San Jose, CA, Branches We Serve

We proudly serve countless communities and neighborhoods throughout the greater San Jose area such as:

  • Fremont
  • Morgan Hill
  • Palo Alto
  • Sunnyvale
  • Los Altos
  • Newark
  • San Mateo
  • Santa Cruz
  • And beyond

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Quality pest control in San Jose, CA, doesn’t get much better than with Dewey Pest and Termite Control. With services on a wide range of pests, including termites, our technicians are best equipped with the right tools and treatments to make your termite infestation ancient history. Wondering how our termite control can help you? Find your much-desired answers through our FAQ page.

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