Rodent Control and Treatment in San Francisco, CA

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From the green lawns of Golden Gate Park to a day out near Union Square and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco is a cornerstone of culture and adventure in California and the United States. But a lot of the luster and beauty of San Francisco can be tainted when you have to spend your time struggling with a rodent infestation in your business or home.

To best exterminate your infestation, turn to Dewey Pest and Termite Control for rodent control services in San Francisco, CA. With over 90 years of experience, we’re the pest control professionals best fit to inspect your space. We prevent rodents from taking over your home and business. Don’t wait—give our team a call to get started today!

Identifying a Rodent Infestation in San Francisco, CA

Rodents enter your home through cracks and crevices throughout your property. They can find their way inside due to their constant pursuit of food, water, and shelter. However, rodents pose a significant health hazard to humans with their notorious ability to carry and transmit diseases, especially when they bite. This is why it’s crucial to stay away from rodents and let Dewey take care of keeping them under control.

There are signs you can be on the lookout for when you suspect an issue. Gnaw marks, chewed-through holes in your walls, droppings, and nesting materials are all critical indicators of a potential rodent infestation. See any of these signs across your property? Don’t panic! Contact the professionals at Dewey Pest and Termite Control for help.

How Do I Get Rid of Rodents in San Francisco, CA?

The most effective way to remove an infestation is to go to Dewey Pest and Termite Control in San Francisco. Whether you have a rodent problem in your residential or commercial space, our technicians will use baiting, trapping, and repellents to effectively steer your rodents away.

San Francisco, CA, Areas We Serve

At Dewey Pest and Termite Control, you can expect our rodent control services to reach beyond just the core of downtown San Francisco. We consider it an honor to serve communities and neighborhoods in and around the greater San Francisco area, including but not limited to:

  • San Mateo
  • Daly City
  • Burlingame
  • Brisbane
  • South San Francisco
  • Pacifica
  • San Bruno
  • Millbrae
  • Foster City

Schedule Your Free Inspection for San Francisco Rodent Control Today

Take advantage of the best pest control services in San Francisco and contact is at Dewey Pest and Termite Control. Since 1929, we’ve been doing inspections and removing rodents and other pests from homes and businesses across California. So with premier rodent control readily available to you, there’s no need to let your issue linger. Get more from our services by getting helpful information through our FAQ page and blog.

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