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Mosquitoes Control the Ouch! Let’s say you are outside playing with your love one’s, suddenly Ouch! You feel a small sting on your arm. You look down at your leg and you notice not 1 but 2 mosquitoes getting ready to make you repeat Ouch! Again. Tips on fighting...

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On: July 07, 2016 In: Other Pests, Residential Services Comments: 1

There are two primary types of insects whose larvae damage fabrics. Carpet beetles (Family: Dermestidae) and Clothes moths (Family: Tineidae). Both carpet beetles and clothes moths are unusual in the insect world because they are among very few insects that produce an enzyme in their digestive system. This enzyme,...

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Pest Tips: Spring BBQs are Here! – How to Avoid Critters Spring is in the Air, but so are many insects! Covered Barbecues provide harborage for urban pests: Spiders, paper wasps, and even mice and rats can nest or harbor within barbecues. Before you fire up the grill this weekend,...

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PESTS THAT LIKE TO VISIT OFFICE BUILDINGS?   Almost any pest can crawl, fly, or hitchhike into your building. Exclusion and sanitation play a big part in controlling pest activity in the office area. FRUIT FLIES Feed on yeasts present on ripe fruits and vegetables, food scraps, and sugary...

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