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Which Pests Burrow in Your Home in the Winter?

Which Pests Burrow in Your Home in the Winter? 1202 873 Go Local Interactive

California is often considered a sunny place where it’s warm year-round. Locals, however, know that even though we might not get snow very often, we experience a bit of a seasonal change in weather. We get plenty of opportunities to snuggle inside in front of the fireplace and enjoy the comfort of our homes.

As the temperatures drop and the frost settles, your home can unfortunately become an inviting haven for various pesky winter pests. In this article, discover the common culprits that burrow into your home, garage, and yard, and learn how to prevent them from taking up residence in your cozy California home.

Burrowing Pests in California Homes

While we might enjoy snuggling under blankets in our homes, there are California pests that want to burrow in too! California is home to a variety of burrowing insects, such as ants, spiders, and roaches. When the temperatures worsen, these bugs want to get out of the cold and into a warm environment.

It’s not just bugs that try to get into our homes and yards. Mice, gophers, and other rodents may try to fight their way in too. They’re looking to stay out of the low temperatures, and burrowing in yards, making nests in garages, and hiding in kitchen cabinet corners offers them a cozy place to live and easy access to food.

Conversely, gophers aren’t as interested in getting indoors. However, they may use your lawn as a place to hibernate, burrowing multiple tunnels in your yard and hiding in plain sight until spring.

Aerial view of a hole in a yard made by burrowing pest

Winter Home Protection

There are a few methods homeowners can use to deter a home invasion. One easy thing to do is keep the house clean. Wiping up spills, sweeping and vacuuming up crumbs, and putting food away in airtight containers is a great way to deter pests. If they can’t find morsels to eat or drops of water to drink, they won’t want to stay in your house for too long, as they cannot get the nutrients they need.

Another thing to do is to take some time to look around the house and find spots where bugs and rodents can enter your home. Outside your home, keep an eye out for tears in window screens, gaps between the door and doorway, and spaces between eaves and the rooftop.

When indoors, keep an eye on gaps around outlets, vent covers, and cracks in caulking. You can repair these entry points yourself or call Dewey Pest Control to have experts locate and target these spots to ensure pests can’t get into your home.

California Pest Prevention

Pests also love outdoor places where they can hide out and seek shelter. Make sure to keep your property clear of debris, like piles of leaves, tarps, kiddie pools, and other items we’re likely to leave lying around. These places can be great options for burrowing pests. Doing a yard cleanup in the fall is best to avoid giving pests additional options to make a home in.

Look for tree limbs and shrubs close to the house or entry points. Trim these back so pests don’t have an easy access point from these plants to your home.

A technician spraying for pests inside the house

For those with firewood in the yard, stack it at least 20 feet away from the house. If termites happen to make a home in your wood, you want to ensure they’re not inches away from your home’s frame. Additionally, if you bring wood inside to start a warm fire, be sure to shake out or brush off logs before bringing them in the house. This is a great way to deter pests from hitching a ride into your living room.

Eliminating any stagnant water that may collect after a winter storm is also beneficial. Locate places on your property where pools are likely to form and remove the water so pests won’t flock to it for hydration or use it to lay eggs.

Effective Pest Prevention With Dewey Pest Control

Insects and pests can be a real pain. Luckily, Dewey Pest Control is an established California company with nearly 100 years of expertise. We treat a variety of pests ranging from ants to spiders to gophers and provide residential services in 33 locations across the state. We want to help you feel cozy and comfortable at home but make California pests feel unwelcome.

We offer preventive and elimination services. There’s no need to wait until pests arrive before calling in the experts. Call us today to hear more about the options and services we provide for our clients.