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The Most Common Rodents in California and How To Control Them

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If you live in California, chances are you’ve had at least one run-in with a house mouse—the most common rodent in California. However, the probability of running into many other kinds of rodents, like rats and squirrels, is also pretty high.

Dewey Pest Control is familiar with the headaches these rodents can cause, and we want to give you a fighting chance. In this blog, we’ll show you how to identify rodents in your home and what steps you can take to move toward a rodent-free life.

The Most Common Rodents in California

Although it would be impossible to cover every type of rodent encounter you can experience in California, we can address the most prevalent critters in the area. Here are a few of the most common rodents you may find in your home.

House Mouse

This small mouse is usually light brown, with a pointed snout and a nearly hairless tail. They also tend not to grow any larger than eight inches.

Norway Rat

Also known as brown rats, this common rat type can grow almost twice the length of the house mouse. They’re most identifiable by their compressed nose, brown-gray coloration, and smaller, bald ears.

Roof Rat

Also known as black rats, these pests are usually around six inches and have darker fur than other rats. They are also known to be excellent climbers.


Squirrels come in many colors, but in California, you’ll most often find them in shades of gray or light brown. They’re easily recognized by their short, perky ears and bushy tails.

The Dangers of Rodents in Your Home

Rodents can compromise your household and steal joy from your way of life, but the one concern that looms over them all is health risks.

These pests are notorious for tracking disease wherever they go. From leptospirosis, hantavirus, salmonella, and beyond, your family and pets risk constant sickness wherever rodents travel. They don’t need to bite or scratch you, as eating off a surface they’ve touched can be enough to make you sick.

How To Prevent Rodents From Entering Your Home

There’s no one universal way to repel all rodents. You need to customize your approach for each specific type, and sometimes, the problem is too big to handle by yourself. You can try methods to prevent rodents from entering your home, but once they find a way in, it’s easy for them to take over. This is why we recommend contacting a professional pest control service.

Rodent Prevention Methods

There are proactive steps you can take to prevent a rodent problem in your residence. Ensure you put food away in sealed containers, clean up spills immediately, and properly dispose of your trash. You can also seal any cracks in your windows or foundation and block any potential entry points.

Professional Rodent Control

A professional rodent control company can get rid of rodents in your home quickly and efficiently. When it comes to how to control rodents in California, professionals are trained to locate patterns in rodent behavior, isolate causes of infestation, and deploy the exact preventive techniques required to reclaim your home.

Turn to Dewey for the Most Reliable Rodent Control Company in California

For over 95 years, Dewey has elevated our rodent control methods, never settling for second best. Constantly improving, we happily offer our services to Californian homes and businesses who have grown weary of rodents invading your space. You deserve peace of mind and a healthy home.

If you’re at the end of your rope, we encourage you to contact us for support. We provide free quotes and unrivaled customer service so we can efficiently pin down the exact service you need and how to best provide it. After all, the cost of rodent control is worth restabilizing your life. Start fighting back today by finding the nearest location to you!