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How To Keep Rodents Out of Your Home This Holiday Season

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Opening your kitchen pantry to grab your favorite snowflake-patterned mug, only to find a rat staring back at you can be a major holiday mood killer. If you’re like us here at Dewey Pest Control, the very thought of that situation made your stomach drop. Unfortunately, for many Americans, this is a problem they deal with every holiday season, which is why winter pest control should never be put off.

Dewey is here to show you our most effective tips for how to keep rodents out of your home in winter and how to get rid of rodents already in your home so your holidays can be free of any pest problems.

The Most Common Rodents in California

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The best way to start is to know your enemy. What are the most common rodents in California? While there are many to choose from, a few stand out among the rest.

  • Norway rats. These little nuisances usually have light brown hair and are known to climb, burrow, and eat through your home. They’re often responsible for the scratching you might hear in your walls.
  • You’ll find squirrels almost everywhere in the U.S., with brown, black, or gray furry coats. Every version of this bushy-tailed rodent can terrorize Californians, especially those with outdoor gardens.
  • House mice. The house mouse can be identified by its small snout and wispy tail, along with its short gray or brown hair. These mice are much smaller than rats but make no mistake. They’ll rummage through your cupboards whenever you’re not looking and can spread disease like any other rodents.

Mice, rats, and squirrels are the most common rodents in California. Now that we’ve identified the basics, here are some tips for rodent control and management.

Steps You Can Take To Make the Most of Winter Pest Control

Winter pest control can come in the form of preventive rodent control or elimination rodent control. Here are some tips on how you can get a head start on winter pest control before our team arrives.

Rodent Control Tip #1: How To Seal Up Cracks and Holes for Winter Pest Control

To prevent your rodent problem from growing, cut off the invasion at the source. Perform a full sweep of your home and search for holes in windows, breaches in pantries, gaps in rooftops, and other places exposed to the outside world. This is how rodents find their way into your home.

Rodents are in constant search of shelter to escape the cold. However, they bring diseases that can threaten the health of you, your family, and your pets. Stop their progress by closing those gaps with foam sealant and steel wool. Steel wool is important when tackling an infestation, as rodents can’t chew through metal like they can drywall and wood.

Rodent Control Tip #2: How To Use Traps for Winter Pest Control

There are multiple types of traps you can use for rodents, such as the classic snap trap. Lay them out in the corners of your garage or along the backsides of pullout stoves. If you want something a little less forceful, you can also trap them in cages and release them back into the wild. Preferably far away from your home.

Rodent Control Tip #3: How To Use Bait Stations for Winter Pest Control

Another way you can keep rodents out of your home this holiday season is by using bait stations. This trap type utilizes poison, luring rodents in with an appetizing smell or treat that contains poison. They might also take this lure back to their nest and contaminate the other rodents found there.

Rodent Control Tip #4: How To Remove Food Sources for Winter Pest Control

Someone wiping off the counter to make sure there was no leftover food.

To better ensure your home is clean, check that your counters, cabinets, and floors are clear of any open food sources. Even crumbs can emit odors that attract a hungry rat. Use rodent-proof containers for food storage if your plastic packages and cardboard boxes get chewed through.

If you have a pet, put away their food and water bowls when not in use. Exposed food and water sources are major factors in attracting rodents. You can prevent infestations if you don’t give them any reason to stick around.

Notify Professionals at Dewey Pest Control for Rodent Infestations

At Dewey Pest Control, we want to do everything possible to prevent rodents from ruining your holiday fun.

If you suspect or know of a rodent problem in or around your home this holiday season, reach out to us for the best pest control services in California. We strive to keep our services affordable so you can direct your funds toward presents, memories, and celebrations.

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