Close-up of gopher in a meadow.

How Do I Remove Gophers From My Palm Springs Lawn?

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Many homeowners care immensely about their yards. They spend time mowing, weeding, planting, and tending to gardens. For many, a yard can be an oasis, a place to rest, recharge, and enjoy fresh air. Gophers, while cute, can take away from these domestic pockets of paradise. Gophers tend to burrow in the ground. They create unsightly mounds, become tripping hazards, and damage turf.

Pest Control Methods

Dealing with gophers in your lawn can be frustrating, but there are methods you can try to control or eliminate them. While it’s best to hire experts in professional gopher removal, there are many pest control methods a homeowner can try on their own to discourage gophers from making their yard a home.


Traps can be an excellent option to catch gophers. There are a variety of lethal and humane options, so choose the kind that appeals to you. These can be found at most hardware and home supply stores. Follow the instructions included with the traps to ensure they’re set correctly. To ensure safety, alert any other household members and guests to be aware of where the traps are set.


One potential method that some homeowners try is flooding. Find the tunnels gophers have burrowed and, using a hose, fill them with water to destroy their habitat. Although this method is non-toxic, it uses abundant water, which some may consider wasteful. Also, filling up a yard with water may not be suitable for your property as it could harm your turf.

Encourage Natural Predation

You may not like gophers so much, but you know who does? Birds of prey and cats. Placing bird feeders, water, or birdhouses in your yard could encourage these animals to eliminate the gopher population from your property.

Professional Gopher Removal

While some DIY methods can be effective, hiring professionals to ensure gophers will no longer be burrowing in your yard is the most reliable option. Embark on a pest-control mission to eliminate these burrowing intruders and restore your lawn’s pristine beauty.

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