: In this blog post, our Dewey Pest and Termite Control team will show you how to protect your business’s outdoor spaces from a pest infestation.

How Can I Keep Pests Out of My Business’s Outdoor Area?

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How Can I Keep Pests Out of My Business’s Outdoor Area?

Maintaining a pest-free outdoor area for your business is crucial for the aesthetic appeal and the health and safety of your customers and employees. Pests, ranging from rodents to insects, can tarnish your business’s reputation. Customers could stop returning if the problem gets out of control.

Protect your business’s outdoor spaces from the intrusion of unwelcome pests, and find practical strategies to create a pest-resistant environment. You can create a more welcoming and pest-free environment by implementing effective pest control measures and outdoor pest prevention strategies. At Dewey Pest and Termite Control, we can design a strategic approach to help you keep pests out of your business’s outdoor area.

Steps to Keeping the Outside of Your Business Pest-Free

If you’re dealing with pests outside of your business, there are steps you can take to help maintain a more pest-free environment.

1. Outdoor Maintenance

The first step to outdoor pest prevention is consistently maintaining the outdoor area. Pests are attracted to spaces that have food, water, and shelter. When you eliminate these potential attractions, pests are less likely to invade your business’s outdoor space.

To maintain the outside of your business, close trash bins securely and empty the trash regularly. Remove any standing water or food debris promptly. Regular sweeping and power washing can also discourage pests from entering your outdoor space.

2. Commercial Landscaping

Landscaping can be crucial to whether your outdoor space invites or deters pests. When choosing plants, find types that are known to be less likely to attract pests. Some plants have pest-repelling properties, including

  • Lavender
  • Marigold
  • Citronella

Choosing these plants gives you a higher chance of deterring pests from entering your business’s outdoor area.

3. Implement Pest-Proofing Techniques

Effective outdoor pest-proofing techniques start by establishing physical deterrents, such as garden netting or fencing. Another method includes using strategic outdoor lighting, as pests are attracted to some conventional outdoor lighting. By switching to pest-repelling lighting, you can make the lights less appealing to insects.

4. Leverage Professional Business Pest Control Services

While the methods you try on your own can have some effect, sometimes the expertise of a professional is necessary. At Dewey Pest and Termite Control, our professionals can offer customized solutions tailored to your unique business needs. We can also provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring to ensure your outdoor space remains pest-free.

Keep Pests Out of Your Business’s Outdoor Area With Dewey Pest and Termite Control

Protecting your business’s outdoor areas from pests, especially after an infestation, could require help from professionals. If you need to rid your outdoor space of unwanted pests in a hurry, we can help. We have a dedicated workforce that provides quality service.

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