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COVID-19 Essential Business – Ready To Serve You

COVID-19 Essential Business – Ready To Serve You 1170 620 Dewey Pest Control

California bugs, their friends and their families are probably living in your house right now! Dewey has been evicting unwanted house guests for over 90 years using only state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly methods of pest control. We know their habits, where to find them, and how to eliminate them.

Our staff of experts is a group of specialists whose education and expertise blanket every phase of pest management. Dewey Service technicians are regularly schooled in all newly developed and effective application techniques for each particular problem.

At Dewey, we are professional pest control operators who will safely, efficiently, and effectively return your house to a Single Family Dwelling.

Got bugs? We can help. Call 877-339-3973 or contact us here.

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Call 877-339-3973 or contact us here.