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Dewey Pest Control Celebrating 90 Year in Business! We’re Hiring! That’s right, we’re celebrating 90 Years! (Yes, 90 Years In Business) We are the largest family owned pest control company in California. Our team is growing fast and we are looking for the best talent! Dewey Pest Control was founded […]

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Dewey Pest Control is a featured sponsor for this years Capt. John Rooks Memorial Golf Tournament on Friday, October 5th, 2018. Come out and join us or stop by and say Hi! It will be an amazing event and it is for a great cause. All the details are below […]

We’re Hiring – Join A Winning Team

Are you looking for a great career opportunity? Carson Office – Service Technician San Diego – Service Technician San Jose – Service Technician San Francisco – Service Technician Walnut Creek – Service Technician

Audio Podcast with Chip Dewey & Brock Dewey – KRLA Company Spotlight

Click the link below to listen to Chip Dewey and Brock Dewey discuss Dewey Pest Control’s company history and service offering. The interview was conducted by David James in partnership with KRLA 870 AM News Radio. The radio segment is called Company Spotlight. Below is the audio file and the transcript. […]

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Looking For A Great Career – We’re Hiring

Join Our Team! Listed below are some of our open positions. Click here to apply! Job Openings (City and Position) Anaheim, Ca – Termite Inspector and Office Professional Baldwin Park, Ca – Service Technician, Termite Crewman and Supervisor Burbank, Ca – Service Technician and Office Professional Carson, Ca – Service […]

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Control the Ouch!

Mosquitoes Control the Ouch! Let’s say you are outside playing with your love one’s, suddenly Ouch! You feel a small sting on your arm. You look down at your leg and you notice not 1 but 2 mosquitoes getting ready to make you repeat Ouch! Again. Tips on fighting back […]

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What Our Customers Are Saying Our reputation us utmost of importance to us. Below are a couple of Dewey Pest reviews from our Google and Yelp pages and we would like to share these with you! What is your opion or experience with Dewey Pest? Your option counts and we [...]

Insects that Jump?

Springtails (order Collembola) are very small, jumping insects that some­times alarm homeowners by appear­ing in large numbers in moist indoor areas such as kitchen sinks, bathtubs, and in the soil of houseplants. They may also be found outdoors in swim­ming pools, moist landscaped areas or vegetable gardens, and on the […]

Closet Invaders..

There are two primary types of insects whose larvae damage fabrics. Carpet beetles (Family: Dermestidae) and Clothes moths (Family: Tineidae). Both carpet beetles and clothes moths are unusual in the insect world because they are among very few insects that produce an enzyme in their digestive system. This enzyme, keratinase, […]

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Pest Tip: Spring BBQs are Here! – How to Avoid Critters

Pest Tips: Spring BBQs are Here! – How to Avoid Critters Spring is in the Air, but so are many insects! Covered Barbecues provide harborage for urban pests: Spiders, paper wasps, and even mice and rats can nest or harbor within barbecues. Before you fire up the grill this weekend, make […]


PESTS THAT LIKE TO VISIT OFFICE BUILDINGS?   Almost any pest can crawl, fly, or hitchhike into your building. Exclusion and sanitation play a big part in controlling pest activity in the office area. FRUIT FLIES Feed on yeasts present on ripe fruits and vegetables, food scraps, and sugary liquids. […]

Termites could be eating up your Life Savings!

Chances are they've already started. Over 50% of all homes have termites of some variety and most likely your home is a big part of your savings. If a termite infestation is caught during the early stages, both termite control and structural damage repair costs can be minimized. Termites eat [...]

Top 10 Pest Prevention Tips for Your Home

Simple habits will keep pest outside and away from your family. Insects and rodents are attracted to food and water. Here are some general tips for putting a lid on pests: A tight, waterproof, smooth surface is easier to clean and keep clean. Eliminate cracks and pores that could offer insects shelter [...]

New Dewey Pest Control Website Launches!

Dewey Pest Control was founded in 1929 by Ray M. Dewey. We continue this proud tradition with the launch of our new website! With 32 branches throughout the State of California, the legacy continues. Please contact us today at (877) 339-3972 for help with all your termite and pest control [...]