School & Office Services from Dewey

SchoolsSchools and offices, though outwardly different, share many features which make them similar from a pest management viewpoint. In general, they are both non-residential daytime workplaces where students, teachers and office workers are enclosed in the confines of a classroom or an office environment. Computers are a common feature in schools and offices should be considered sensitive areas because of the daytime presence of teachers, students and other personnel. In planning effective, yet acceptable pest management programs on these premises, it is important to recognize the various conditions which favor pests as well as factors which make eradication or prevention of pests more difficult.

Dewey Pest Control specializes in Integrated Pest Management programs for schools and services numerous school districts throughout the state.

The Integrated Pest Management program, however, through regularly scheduled inspections, discovers pests and quickly eliminates them before they become established.