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Dewey Pest Control Celebrating 90 Year in Business! We’re Hiring! That’s right, we’re celebrating 90 Years! (Yes, 90 Years In Business) We are the largest family owned pest control company in California. Our team is growing fast and we are looking for the best talent! Dewey Pest Control was...

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Click the link below to listen to Chip Dewey and Brock Dewey discuss Dewey Pest Control’s company history and service offering.┬áThe interview was conducted by David James in partnership with KRLA 870 AM News Radio. The radio segment is called Company Spotlight. Below is the audio file and the...

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PESTS THAT LIKE TO VISIT OFFICE BUILDINGS?   Almost any pest can crawl, fly, or hitchhike into your building. Exclusion and sanitation play a big part in controlling pest activity in the office area. FRUIT FLIES Feed on yeasts present on ripe fruits and vegetables, food scraps, and sugary...

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